2010 RIS Software LeaderBoard
Now in its 10th year, the RIS News Software LeaderBoard ranking of retail technology vendors has more pages, more charts and more evaluations by more retailers than ever before. In addition, the text and layout have been simplified to more easily convey the meaning of each individual section and chart.

With 48 charts and cross-tab breakouts it is important to provide a clear way to interpret the results. The new format conveys a new level of clarity.

Download the report and find out how Oracle, SAP, IBM, JDA, SAS, RedPrairie, Epicor and other leading retail technology vendors stack up in the only head-to-head ranking by customer satisfaction in the industry.

Leaderboard Profiles

Profile on Oracle
ris-oracle-lb-profile-cover-1-12-10.jpgOracle is ranked #1 on the Top 20 master list in the RIS Software LeaderBoard. Download a special report that analyzes why Oracle emerged on top.
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Profile on Activant
Activant scored the coveted #1 spot on the top-10 list for Vendors for Mid-Size Retailers as well as high rankings on 17 other lists, including the Top 20 master list. Find out why in this special report.
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