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2015 Retail Technology Conference


EKN: 2nd Annual Omni-channel Merchandising Benchmark

More than a decade after eCommerce became a highly viable channel and as the mobile channel continues to disrupt the industry, merchandising in retail is finally showing signs of a significant evolution. EKN's 2nd annual Omni-channel Merchandising Benchmark study, based on a survey of 100 retailers, lays out findings and analysis from the survey, presents prescriptive recommendations on what should be done to execute on a unified merchandising strategy, and outlines best practices - strategies, business processes and technology recommendations to that end.


2015 Retail Technology Conference

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Why Are $1B Retailers Leaving $100M on the Table?

The cost of not being commerce-centric, according to just published RIS/EKN research, is 10% in lost revenue. For a billion dollar retailer this is $100 million left on the table. Find out what retailers need to do to recover this lost revenue in the new 2015 Customer Engagement Tech Trends Study, which makes the case that investing in projects that begin and end with the shopper are critical to success.