Firepower for CIOs: Top 10 Reports for 2012

It is easy to report news. It is harder to interpret it. It is harder still to curate information, interpret it and make recommendations that lead retailers to a business advantage, which in a nutshell is the mantra RIS uses for benchmark studies and special reports. A secondary goal is to give firepower to CIOs who are seeking strong back up for their next set of technology initiatives. Here are the top 10 RIS studies and reports for 2012 that offer the most firepower.

At the last conference I attended two CIOs told me the same story with slightly different details. They said  they directed a team member to review relevant reports on a specific retail technolgy subject, select the top 10 reports, and send them to the rest of the team. To each CIO's surprise four of the top 10 reports on the subject came from RIS. These stories correspond to the goal of our editorial mission and I can't think of a better endorsement of the quality and relevance of our reports.

You can judge the firepower for yourself by clicking on the below links that go to the top reports and studies that were downloaded from the RIS website in 2012.

1. 2012 RIS/Gartner Retail Technology Study: Embracing Change
This is the granddaddy of retail technologyresearch. After 22 years it keeps growing in stature and relevance. 

2. 2011 RIS Software LeaderBoard
This head-to-head ranking of software vendors is actually the most downloaded RIS report each year, but it is posted in December and the downloads are split between two calendar years.

3. Mobility in Retail 2012
Mobility, from the consumer side and retailer side, was the biggest story in retail in 2012.

4. RIS/IHL Store Systems: Expanding Boundaries
This report is the first major retail technology benchmark study published each year in the industry and it is previewed at the NRF Big Show to a standing-room-only crowd.

5. Retail Embraces Tablets
This report examines the adoption of tablets as taking place faster than any other previous technology in retail.

6. 2012 Cross-channel Tech Trends Study: The Future Is Now
The 6th annual cross-channel technology study traces the retailer's struggle to merge disparate sales channels into a unified architecture and business model.

7. The Y2K Moment for POS
Mobility in stores and other omni-channel factors are compelling retailers to dramatically rethink their POS systems and upgrade strategies.

8. Optimizing Assortments across the Omni-Channel Enterprise
How to shift from store-centric to omni-channel assortment planning to better serve digital shoppers.

9. 3rd Annual Shopper Experience Study: Enabling Retail Without Boundaries
Examining the likes, dislikes and preferences of more than 2,100 shoppers to spotlight competitive strategies.

10. 2012 Software LeaderBoard
Even though this report was only published a few weeks ago it is eagerly awaited and cracks the top 10 list every year.


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