Basic Payment Protections Go a Long Way

January 31, 2017, Visa will require acquiring banks to ensure that their small- and medium-sized merchants use QIR-certified vendors for servicing POS applications and terminals. Though selecting a QIR-certified payment vendor is critical, there are three best practices that retailers should adopt to help mitigate the threat of data thieves.

Walmart Is Still the Largest IT Investor in the World

4/26/2016 - The world's largest retailer spent over $10.5 billion on IT in 2015 — far and away the most by any company across the globe. See where the retailer spent its billions and its plans for future IT investment.

Starbucks' Digital Strategy Growing Sales and Loyalty

4/26/2016 - Starbucks digital strategy seems to be successfully driving sales and loyalty. The coffee company added almost 1 million new members in Q2 and now it's rolling out real-time personalization and other initiatives tied to the program and its mobile app.

BuildDirect's Analytics Fueled Supply Chain

4/26/2016 - At RCAS 2016, Joseph Thompson, VP Marketing + Growth, BuildDirect will explore how to ruthlessly cut out supply chain clutter, the importance of capturing the customer data signal, and how to build to a future without free shipping.