Tips to Tackling the Big Show

RIS has seen its share of The Big Show over the years, so we wanted to share a few tips for vendors and attendees to help tackle the madness of the Big Show. Here's a hint...plan and prep!

Tomorrow's Retail Leaders Battle for the Top Prize

12/18/2014 - Executives from HSN, Burlington Stores, Brooks Brothers and Ross Stores will judge the annual student challenge in a session open to all Big Show attendees. Come see tomorrow's execs present their product pitches.

Retail's Va-Va-Voom

12/18/2014 - Brick-and-mortar locations are revamped as the foundation for the next-gen store.

Who Goes to the Big Show?

12/17/2014 - NRF's annual expo draws attendees from across the industry and all levels of the enterprise. See who you can expect to find on the show floor.

Giving Online Shopping the Personal Touch

12/16/2014 - While the exact brick-and-mortar experience cannot be recreated online, with the right combination of data on a customer level, online retailers can foster personal relationships to bring customers back over and over again.

PetSmart Agrees to $8.7B Buyout

12/16/2014 - PetSmart came to an agreement on Sunday to be purchased by a private equity consortium led by BC Partners Ltd. for $8.7 billion, one of the biggest buyouts of the year.

Top 10 Happiest Retailers

12/16/2014 - The value of happy employees has never been greater. As retail moves toward the customer-centric model, retailers are leaning on their associates to deliver an upbeat, personalized experience which can only be accomplished by a satisfied workforce. Nordstrom, TJ Maxx and Costco have some of the happiest employees; see where they and others rank.

The Inspired Future of Retail

12/16/2014 - Due to the breakneck pace of the industry, retailers must keep their eyes focused on the horizon and accurately predict the next big thing before it arrives. At RetailTechCon 2015, renowned retail futurist Douglas Stephens will explore what tomorrow holds for retail and help those in attendance prepare.

Understanding the Security Behind Chip Transactions

12/15/2014 - The main driver of the U.S. migration to chip payments is fraud reduction, and many stakeholders have requested information on how this security process works. Get a better understanding of the security behind chip transactions.

Target Deemed Liable for Data Breach

12/15/2014 - Target was handed a lump of coal for holiday 2013, suffering a massive data breach during the peak shopping season. However, this year, the hits keep coming – a Minnesota court ruled Target can be sued for failing to prevent the data breach.


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