Top Retailers Race to Launch Apple Watch Apps

As the Apple Watch rolls out globally, some retailers are wasting no time releasing their own Apple Watch apps, including Kohl's, Amazon, and Starbucks.

The 10 Most Admired Retailers

4/28/2015 - What makes a retailer admirable? Financial success for starters, but social responsibility and corporate culture play a huge role. Fortune's annual ranking of the world's most admired companies placed 10 retailers among the most esteemed companies worldwide. See where Nordstrom, Home Depot, Walmart, Target and others ranked.

Future of Analytics: Make Data Actionable

4/27/2015 - The field of analytics is evolving at breakneck speed and retailers are still working to uncover how to best leverage next-gen data to strengthen the bottom line. At RCAS 2015, Sahir Anand, VP, research and principal analyst, EKN Research will moderate a panel of thought leaders that will explore the future of analytics focusing on uncovering actionable insight.

Walmart is the Largest IT Investor in the World

4/20/2015 - The retail behemoth spent over $10 billion on IT in 2014 — far and away the most by any company worldwide. The latest research from IDC ranked IT spend across industries and Walmart was the sole retailer found in the top 10. See where the retailer spent its billions and its plans for future IT investment.

Retailers' Aging POS Platforms in Need of a Makeover

4/20/2015 - With the average POS platform nearly seven years old retailers need to invest in new systems or face compliance penalties, security risks and limited functionality, according the EKN Research's latest study.

Is the Demand for Data Scientists Hype or Real?

4/18/2015 - Demand for data scientists is booming and every industry is in on the action. At RCAS 2015, Jan Gollins, Loyola University and Linda Burtch, Burtch Works Executive Recruiting will answer the burning questions about this hot new area, including the most burning of all: Is demand for data scientists a trend that will soon fade or is it real?


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