Neiman Marcus Names New Chief Information Officer

Neiman Marcus has appointed a new CIO to drive its digital innovation efforts and lead its information services. See which former IBM and Lowe's exec has claimed the top tech spot.

Five Female Tech All-Stars Driving Innovation at Target

10/24/2016 - From the boardroom to the engineering lab women are shaping retails' future like never before. Meet five members of Target's technology team that are helping to push the innovation envelope and keep the retailer on the cutting edge.

Is the Walgreens/Rite Aid Merger in Jeopardy?

10/24/2016 - With Kroger reportedly out of the picture Walgreens is looking for a buyer for up to 1,000 stores in order to comply with anti-monopoly laws. If the retailer is unable to divest, the creation of the world's biggest drug retailer, could be in doubt. Learn the latest.