How to Implement Video-Driven Business Intelligence

Most business intelligence answers who, what, where, and when, but fails to tell you why. Implementing new tech can be confusing, so here's a checklist to help you use video to gather BI.

Engaging the Millennial Shopper: Times They are A-Changin'

10/22/2014 - All the chatter and speculation surrounding Millennials has resulted in stereotypes and misconceptions that mislead retailers trying to attract their business and maintain their loyalty. Here we debunk three of the biggest Millennial myths.

Vera Bradley Measures U.S. Store Analytics with ShopperTrak

10/22/2014 - To improve the customer experience and profitability, Vera Bradley will deploy ShopperTrak , a provider of consumer behavior insights and location-based analytics, across its new U.S. stores as well as across all corporate stores in the upcoming year.

Retail's Digital Marketing Leaders & Laggards

10/21/2014 - With customers researching online prior to purchase, retailers' websites need to not only sell, but also provide detailed, geo-targeted information. To support today's knowledgeable consumers, retailers must drive web traffic, store visits and conversions through the use of digital marketing strategies.

Chico's Gains Inventory Visibility with RFID

10/20/2014 - To address inventory accuracy and visibility challenges in 13 Soma Intimates pilot stores, Chico's partnered with Tyco Retail Solutions. The RFID initiative has delivered compelling results, enabling the retailer to maintain a 90-95% inventory accuracy rate.

Mobility Ushers in the Return of Personalized Service

10/20/2014 - Thanks to the power of mobile associates are able to leverage enterprise data right on the sales floor and provide shoppers with an individualized experience reports industry executives in RIS News' 4th Annual Mobile Product & Solutions Guide.

Top 10 Grocers: Supermarkets Redefined

10/20/2014 - As organic-crazed shoppers flock to a new breed of supermarket the grocery segment has undergone a period of transition. RIS News' latest top 10 list ranks the top grocers based on hard-data metrics. See where Whole Foods, Kroger, Costco and others ranked.


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