American Signature Furniture Creates Collaborative Sales Channels

By Nicole Giannopoulos — March 10, 2015

Since 1948, furniture retailer American Signature has furnished the homes of generations of families. When the retailer first entered the online scene it was a catalog-only site, allowing the retailer to enter the space slowly. However, the retailer wanted to extend its offering to better serve its customers and furnish the homes of generations to come.
American Signature needed a platform and professional services with specific furniture expertise that understood the e-commerce vertical and could integrate into legacy solutions. The retailer collaborated with Blueport Commerce to develop Store-Sync technology to make shopping for furniture easier – then branded it as Easy Pass for its own stores. The innovative omnichannel solution created an attribution model for in-store or online, allowing customers to convert anytime, anywhere without a disconnect between channels.
Rebranded as Easy Pass, the solutions allows customers to add/update/remove items in a basket across channels (see in-store purchase online and vice versa), as well as start the shopping process in one channel (in-store or online) and pickup/complete the purchase via another channel.
"Truth be told it was a really complex project with a new business," says Steve Haffer EVP of omnichannel and customer engagement for American Signature Furniture. "We didn't have a full-service call center and really began everything at zero. We had to reprogram and re-measure all products and colors to ensure customers could shop them accurately online. We re-shot and re-wrote copy for every SKU and had to launch omnichannel sales experience modules for brick-and-mortar associates to get credit for e-commerce and truly understand the impact of omnichannel."
Because of the innovative model that was brought to market the retailer hasn't experienced traditional pushback from associates because of the Easy Pass module – it allows associates to extend sales capabilities even when they are not in-store. Easy Pass empowers store associates and extends the reach of capabilities beyond what associates could sell in a physical store – it's a collaborative channel for associates rather than a competitive one.
Moving forward, the retailer plans to grow the business with additional infrastructure and last mile delivery capabilities. Thus far, brand affinity has been very high and American Signature Furniture furthered the experience with a complete site upgrade over President's Day weekend. The upgrade included a new mobile experience and fully responsive design for any device.


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