L'Occitane Takes Omnichannel International

— March 21, 2014

To support its international expansion, L'Occitane en Provence needed a technology partner and innovative management solution. In 2010, the retailer selected Yourcegid Retail for customer relationship management, omnichannel integration, optimized replenishment and in-store mobility.
"Cegid's international experience and industry-specific expertise ensured that the solution would be implemented on a large scale across the globe in a secure, well-organized fashion," said Etienne de Verdelhan, VP of process optimization and CIO at L'Occitane Group.
The rollout begin in Australia in 2010, the solution was rolled out across 35 stores in three months. It was then deployed in an additional 350 stores across Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Thailand. In Japan alone, Cegid equipped more than 100 stores with a localized version of the solution. The next step was to deploy the solution in more than 250 stores in North America.
"We finished with 350 stores in Europe, including 220 stores in eight countries in just one night," noted de Verdelhan.
While L'Occitane's company-owned stores take priority, all sales outlets will be connected to the new IT system. The solution is currently being deployed in Taiwan, Korea and Brazil, and will soon be deployed in countries, including Latin America, India and South Africa.
Using the Cegid solution, the retailer now has a solution that can match its store management, CRM, merchandising and inventory management needs. "At the front line of business, the IT system plays a pivotal role in L'Occitane Group's brand development by improving operational productivity at every level and offering retail-specific innovation," explained de Verdelhan.
The solution is localized for each country, including language, tax regulations, credit card payments and more, as well as includes processes and industry requirements for each specific country.
"We now manage all our stores worldwide with a modern, international IT system," continued de Verdelhan. "We are now able to standardize and optimize our processes at the Group level. And measuring operational excellence at each site has become easy."
Aligning with L'Occitane's customer-centric approach, Yourcegid Retail offers CRM functions, such as a powerful loyalty management engine adapted to the needs of each country, whether that be complex points programs in Asia, customer relationship programs or special offers in Europe. The solution also provides in-store mobility, omnichannel integration and biometric identification of sales staff.
"We can now enjoy more complex interactions with our customers, manage loyalty points in real-time across all sales channels, customize promotions and offer services such as click and collect," said de Verdelhan.
Today, more than 1,000 stores in more than 25 countries are equipped with the Yourcegid Retail solution, allowing the retailer to improve the management of its retail activities, improve merchandising, sales and CRM, as well as unifying the Group's retail processes into a single core model.
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