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By Nicole Giannopoulos — April 02, 2013

A.C. Moore, an arts and crafts retailer with more than 141 stores along the East Coast, wanted to better understand its customers and strengthen engagement through a richer customer experience. To do this, the retailer needed to bring data together from separate systems as well as move the analysis of that data in-house.

To meet these goals, A.C. Moore’s executives selected Epicor Retail CRM to unify customer data, enhance POS functionality, and establish a foundation to support its vision for customer engagement. Epicor Retail CRM Web extensions are also being leveraged to integrate its CRM platform with its e-commerce channel.

“We knew that for A.C. Moore to be successful we needed a partner that could help us break down the various silos of data and give us one view of our customers from all channels, which would then provide A.C. Moore with a more intuitive ability to be in sync with its most important commodity – our customers,” said Kathy Bailey, executive vice president of IT operations for A.C. Moore. “We felt confident that Epicor could help us achieve our goals.”
Quick Implementation
A.C. Moore has rolled out Epicor Retail Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to build customer relations and support future loyalty initiatives. The solution has been deployed chainwide.

“We moved quickly to get this initiative in place to bring better service, marketing outreach, and the ‘endless aisle’ to our shoppers,” said Mike Lyons, vice president of customer loyalty for A.C. Moore. “To meet our tight implementation requirements, Epicor worked swiftly and demonstrated their expertise by having systems up and running smoothly.”
The Streamlined Experience
Prior to Epicor, A.C. Moore leveraged store systems from multiple vendors across multiple databases, a configuration that lacked efficiency, convenience and the streamlined experience the retailer desired for employees and customers.

Leveraging the Retail CRM solution, the retailer now has a 360-degree view of its customers, arming it with a broad set of tools to build and manage loyalty programs, execute and manage campaigns and promotions, analyze customer data and transaction information across sales channels, segment and manage lists, and analyze and measure the impact of its CRM efforts.

Designed to support multiple channels, Epicor Retail CRM technology allows the retailer to focus on its omnichannel CRM initiatives to support more simplified and seamless customer interaction. With real-time connectivity across all sales channels, it provides the ability to offer an all-around shopping experience based on the retailer’s most current customer data.

“We’re committed to investing in today’s most intuitive and robust technology to attain a clear, consolidated view of our customer base so we can better cater to them – whether they’re shopping in-store or online,” said Dewey Goodrich, vice president of IT operations for A.C. Moore. “Epicor technology provides the right tools to really understand our customers by unveiling one ‘version of the truth’ across all retail systems.”


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