eBags Innovative Technology Looks to Make Lost Luggage a Thing of the Past

By Tim Denman — September 18, 2016

Luggage and travel goods e-tailer eBags' Connected Luggage Tag is designed to ensure lost luggage is quickly and seamlessly returned. The enabled ID tag uses patent-pending privacy controls to let customers control which personal information they display on the tags, and when.
This innovative tag moves away from the traditional luggage tag, which prominently displays the owner's contact information for anyone to see, as there's no other way for missing bags to find their way home. The contact information on a traditional tag is static, so these tags can't account for the unexpected schedule and location changes that are part of the modern journey. But with the app-enabled Connected Luggage Tag, users' contact information is stored in the cloud — so it can be updated anytime to reflect the correct location, new address, or any other changes to personal information.
"Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, lost luggage can ruin a trip," said Mike Edwards, CEO of eBags. "We wanted to leverage cloud-based technology to help travelers avoid hassles and preserve their privacy — it's a small effort on our part that can make a huge difference for our customers."
The eBags app is free, and is available for Apple and Android mobile phones. After downloading the app, the Connected Luggage Tag is incredibly easy to use — users simply follow the prompts to name their bag, then enter their contact information and indicate which personal details they'd like to display. Then they can link their bag to the tag in one of three ways: by scanning the QR code, tapping the chip on their NFC-enabled phone, or entering the Tag ID listed on their eBags Connected Luggage Tag.
If a bag goes missing, customers can simply use the app to mark it as lost, then take a moment to confirm or update their contact information. When somebody finds the bag, all they have to do is scan the QR code or visit the URL on the tag to get in touch using the eBags app. The tag retails for $4.95, and is available exclusively at eBags. In the few weeks since the soft launch of the product, thousands of customers have already purchased one of the 14 unique tag designs — making it one of the most quickly adopted eBags products in company history.


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