Top 10 Highest Paid Female Execs in Retail

By Nicole Giannopoulos — February 11, 2014

Women have made considerable strides in the business world and continue to break down barriers today. Several U.S. retail industry companies are rated the best for women who strive to be promoted into executive leadership, management and executive positions. But just how many companies are electing female executives? That question can be answered by looking at the number of women who are currently in the executive ranks in each retail company, particularly if those women are leading the biggest divisions, reporting directly to the CEO, sitting on the Board of Directors, or using their P&L authority to make decisions which directly affect a retail company's profitability, according to the National Association of Female Executives (NAFE).
The ratio of female executives can be expected to climb as the number of high-level female executives at U.S. corporations continues to grow. This trend can certainly be seen in retail, where female executives are taking top C-suite roles (along with multi-million dollar paychecks) at major retail companies including Walmart, Ralph Lauren, eBay, HSNi, Abercrombie & Fitch and more.
When RIS reported on women's salaries back in 2012, the highest paid female executive was Carol Meyrowitz, CEO and president of TJX Companies, earning $19.3 million. Since then, the top salary has fluctuated a bit, but we don't see a drastic change as Jane Elfers, CEO and president of The Children's Place Retail brings home a total compensation of $17.2 million. It is interesting to see the significant jump between Jackwyn Nemerov of Ralph Lauren at number four with a compensation of $11.8 million and Elizabeth Axelrod of eBay with a compensation of $6.87 million. An important note to remember is that while these are the reported base salaries reported for fiscal 2012, with bonuses, incentives and equity, many of these female executives are raking in a reported accumulated compensation well into the $20-40 million range.  
With the help of executive compensation listings on, here are the highest paid women in retail are:

  1. Jane Elfers, CEO and President
    Children's Place Retail
    Total Compensation: $17.2 million
  2. Rosalind Brewer, Executive VP
    Walmart Stores
    Total Compensation: $14.5 million
  3. Sherilyn McCoy, CEO
    Avon Products
    Total Compensation: $12.9 million
  4. Jackwyn Nemerov, Executive VP
    Ralph Lauren
    Total Compensation: $11.8 million
  5. Elizabeth Axelrod, Divisional Senior VP
    Total Compensation: $6.87 million
  6. Mindy Grossman, CEO
    Total Compensation: $5.63 million
  7. Leslee Herro, Divisional Executive VP
    Abercrombie & Fitch
    Total Compensation: $5.37 million
  8. Diane Chang, Divisional Executive VP
    Abercrombie & Fitch
    Total Compensation: $5.35 million
  9. Barbara Rentler, Executive Officer & Divisional VP
    Ross Stores
    Total Compensation: $4.91 million
  10. Sharon Mccollam, CFO, Chief Administrative Officer & Executive VP
    Best Buy
    Total Compensation: $4.91 million
Other executives that just missed the Top 10 include Jane Nielsen, EVP & CFO of Coach with a total compensation of $4.27 million, and Larree Renda, EVP of Safeway with a total compensation of $4.04 million.
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