Walgreens, Duane Reade Link Mobile Ads to Purchases

— July 29, 2013

Pretty in my Pocket (PRIMP), a mobile social beauty shopping and sharing platform, has partnered with Sparkfly, a mobile point-of-sale redemption technology platform, to launch, deliver and track closed loop, in-store mobile promotions. L'Oreal Paris will test the technology – serving product coupons through the app, which are then redeemed at Walgreens and Duane Reade locations throughout Manhattan, NY.
Sparkfly has partnerships with Walgreens and Duane Reade's POS providers, enabling it to collect data on exactly what items a consumer bought when redeeming one of its coupons. Since each coupon has a unique barcode, Sparkfly can then connect those itemized purchases to the consumer's PRIMP profile.
The partnership allows L'Oreal to advertise products to its target audience and gain insight into which customers use coupons and which items are particularly popular at certain times, locations and among certain consumer segments.
As of July 19, L'Oreal Paris will offer "Perks," PRIMP's discount program, to consumers who use its mobile app at Walgreens and Duane Reade stores in Manhattan. PRIMP's mobile app helps shoppers make choices by providing relevant product information from a network of friends and experts. By scanning or searching for a product, PRIMP users receive item-specific information including how-to videos, reviews, color swatches or a look for select L'Oreal Paris products, and "Perks" that can be redeemed at checkout.
PRIMP tracks the consumer decision journey from product consideration to purchase, by linking a community of friends, shoppers and experts to build product engagement and social sharing of specific products. With this capability, the community creates recommendations based on user generated content, enhancing world of mouth and awareness. The app aims to generate sales and increase the average order value of transactions through product recommendations, information and "Perks," which are valuable in unattended retail channels.
Sparkfly enables secure real-time validation and redemption of coupons and offers through integration with in-store POS systems. It also tracks the  ecosystems of item-specific digital promotions from the moment that promotion is distributed, all the way to its redemption at the POS. Sparkfly tracks every consumer action to the individual SKU, allowing marketers to determine the return on investment of digital marketing and advertising.
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