Why Macy's Matters: Longo Reveals Omnichannel Strategy

— January 08, 2014

Technology is continuously evolving, and today it is impacting Macy's in a major way: from the way customers shop, to extending inventory and even creating a more personal customer experience, the Macy's magic is all about the customer. In an NRF session on Monday, January 13 at 2:00 p.m., Peter Longo, president of Macy's logistics and operations will discuss how the retailer is leveraging GS1 Standards to achieve critical end-to-end visibility. This not only ensures effective upstream operations, but also delivers the best possible outcome to the downstream customer – wherever she may be, in the store or on a digital device.
Over the past five years, Macy's has shifted its capital investments aggressively toward technology and infrastructure to support its omnichannel vision. "Every decision we make, we think about it starts with the customer," said Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren. "How does she want to shop? It may be harder for us, but that's our problem. We got to deal with that. It's all about what the customer wants and chooses and that's how we have to think about it."
Lundgren also explained that the lines between in-store and online are blurred. What is online? If the customer starts her journey on her phone, but ends up buying in the store, is that online or is that in-store? If the customer buys the product online and returns in-store, is that online or is that in-store? And if she buys something else in a store, where does it stop and start? "The answer is it doesn't matter and it shouldn't matter. We should engage the customer in how ever he or she chooses to shop with us. I want to break those silos down internally in my own organization and make sure that we are doing one thing and that is putting the customer at the center of all of our decisions," said Lundgren.
Learn how the value chain networks of leading organizations, including Kohl's and Hudson Bay Trading Company are minimizing cost and maximizing the speed, visibility, security and sustainability of business processes in today's omnichannel marketplace.
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