How to Feed 20,000 in 90 Minutes

By Dave Weinand
The value of a retailer is more often than not measured in year-over-year sales, quarterly growth, or Facebook likes. Vendor's, especially publicly traded ones, are measured by quarterly sales. However, the value of the industry can be viewed in a different way when one considers the work that is being done with a small but mighty group throughout the year.
As I've written before, the number of retail event options available to the retail industry borders on the ridiculous. However, events that go beyond the commercial model that the event 'factories' use, and take part in building a community and bettering the industry, they are the ones that matter.
Yesterday a group of retailers, analyst/press, and solution providers at the SAP Retail Forum flew in early to spend a couple of hours packing meals for the Food For Orphans organization. This was not a promotional ploy – this was a group of 50 or so people taking the time to pack over 22,000 meals for orphans and people far less fortunate than our group working in the Westin Hotel. The beauty of this is that there were no lines between retailer/vendor/press – it was just a group of people making a difference.  
This was the second year SAP has done this and while the entire event was kindly sponsored by Tata Consultancy Services (they paid for the food), this type of meal packing event can be set up at any event or office. If you have a corporate event or meeting, I highly recommend you contact Food For Orphans or Retail ROI for more information. 


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