2014 Shopper Experience Study

8/19/2014 — RIS News and Cognizant examine the likes and dislikes of 5,300 shoppers to help retailers prioritize investments that range from in-store and online interactions to omnichannel integration and flexible fulfillment.

Evolution of the Store Associate

8/22/2014 - Mobility is the answer to optimizing a key enabler of the omnichannel transformation. Download this Custom Research to discover how retailers are leveraging mobile to advance the store strategy. Download Now >>

Raising Your Customer Analytics IQ

8/22/2014 - Customer analytics stubbornly holds out as the last major IT frontier to conquer. Download this Custom Research to uncover how retailers are leveraging analytics to embed advanced computing power in every aspect of the retail enterprise. Download Now >>

Your Last Traditional POS

5/22/2014 - Are retailers planning to deploy the last traditional POS? Download this Custom Research to examine the future of retail POS in a brave new omnichannel world. Download Now >>


EKN: 2nd Annual Omni-channel Merchandising Benchmark

More than a decade after eCommerce became a highly viable channel and as the mobile channel continues to disrupt the industry, merchandising in retail is finally showing signs of a significant evolution. EKN's 2nd annual Omni-channel Merchandising Benchmark study, based on a survey of 100 retailers, lays out findings and analysis from the survey, presents prescriptive recommendations on what should be done to execute on a unified merchandising strategy, and outlines best practices - strategies, business processes and technology recommendations to that end.

EKN: The Elusive Habitable Zone of Optimal Customer Engagement

If one were to liken the new retailer-consumer relationship dynamic to a binary star system - the retailer and the consumer are both stars that exude gravitational force, creating a complex mechanism of push & pull. The optimal customer experience that is beneficial to both the customer and the retailer is created by a balance of push & pull. This Point of View illustrates an elusive “habitable customer zone” where these gravitational forces find balance, characteristics of retailers in the Habitable Zone and foundational building blocks of a balanced customer engagement strategy.


2015 Retail Technology Conference