2015 RIS/IHL Store Systems Study: Making Stores Matter

1/5/2015 — The 2015 Store Systems Study is the first major report of the year. Download it to find out which IT spending, consumer strategy and business model shifts are currently trending.

New World of Pricing Optimization

1/5/2015 - Retailers who don’t know competitive prices in near-real-time are flying blind. Download this custom research report to throw light on blind spots within the holistic pursuit of pricing optimization. Download Now >>

Revitalizing the Store

1/5/2015 - Download this custom research report to find out how embattled stores are leveraging associates as catalysts for change to help transform stores into omnichannel destinations. Download Now >>

Art and Science of Advanced Analytics

10/17/2014 - More than one-fifth of retailers are investing at least 10% of their IT budgets in raising their analytic IQs. Download this Custom Research to discover how retailers are predicting consumer behaviors to capitalize on the insights. Download Now >>




2015 Retail Tech Con
2015 Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Summit