Retail Transformed: An Inspired Vision to Innovate, Differentiate and Accelerate

3/19/2015 — Many retailers are several years into large-scale IT transformation projects, a trend the Retail Technology Study has been tracking for 25 years, but how far have they progressed and where are they going next? Download to find out.

Optimizing the Post-Sale Opportunity

3/19/2015 - A successful post-sale engagement plan begins with a digital receipt. Without it you are flying blind and missing the opportunity to drive sales and nurture long-term loyalty. Download this report to learn about post-sale engagement. Download Now >>

Revitalizing the Store

1/5/2015 - Download this custom research report to find out how embattled stores are leveraging associates as catalysts for change to help transform stores into omnichannel destinations. Download Now >>

New World of Pricing Optimization

1/5/2015 - Retailers who don’t know competitive prices in near-real-time are flying blind. Download this custom research report to throw light on blind spots within the holistic pursuit of pricing optimization. Download Now >>




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